extra bright torch down modified


APP (Smooth) is a 4mm thick, APP bitumen waterproofing membrane reinforced with a non-woven spunbond polyester carrier. The top surface is sanded and the underside is covered with a printed burn off polyethylene film.


Since I had an old, non-working, 18V Hitachi cordless drill, with a working fast-charger and good batteries, I decided to turn it into an – flashlight / .

Let me start out by saying my background in flat roofing is predominately bitumen roll roofing. Im bidding job where customer is using building for storage only-not looking to spend a lot of money.

12 Piece Counter Display Unit Containing Slim 25 LED 2 In 1 – . ONLY.


Bright Eyes Hats – The hat that thinks it’s a torch!

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